Russian farmers have already purchased over 60% of fertilizers according to the annual plan

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, compared to the last year, local farmers increased the purchase of mineral fertilizers by 6% – up to 3.4 million tons, considering the accumulated resources. Thus, by mid-May, Russian producers of mineral fertilizers provided more than 60% of the forecast volume of acquisition of the agro-industrial complex for the whole of 2023.

“Demand for mineral fertilizers in Russia — our priority market — remains consistently high. By mid-May, the volume of mineral fertilizers purchased by agricultural enterprises exceeded 60% of the annual plan. This year, the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA) is preparing to celebrate its 15th anniversary, during which time the consumption of fertilizers in Russia has more than tripled and reached 5.8 million tons last year. Based on our experience of working with domestic agricultural producers, we can confidently say that the spring fieldwork of the 2022-2023 season is fully provided with mineral nutrition,” noted President of RFPA Andrey Guryev

The high rates of purchases this season are explained by the fact that many farmers began to prepare for spring in advance, and already in 4Q2022. Last year, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and fertilizer manufacturers had a clear picture of the need: both in terms of volumes and terms of the type of fertilizers. In the regions of the RFPA presence, stocks were created for the spring season, which allowed farmers to comply with the optimal time for application. And RFPA hopes that farmers will approach the preparation of the autumn fieldwork with the same responsibility, not postponing the purchase of mineral fertilizers. Moreover, summer is the traditional season for passenger traffic, and it may cause an increase in the delivery time of fertilizers to the regions.

Recall that Russia is the only country in the world 100% self-sufficient in mineral fertilizers and supplies them abroad. Today, more than 100 brands of mineral fertilizers are produced here, the appearance of which was the result of large-scale investments in the industry.

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