TogliattiAzot started a 20 days repair campaign

TogliattiAzot began scheduled repair work at the carbamide production unit No. 2. The main objective of the campaign, which, according to experts, will take no more than 20 days, is to prepare equipment for the summer season.

The main types of work include inspection of the apparatus of the synthesis unit, replacement of the reduction-cooling unit and the examination of industrial safety. The repair campaign will be another confirmation of the systematic work of the enterprise in the field of energy saving and increasing the environmental safety of production.

To solve one of the key tasks – corrosion inspection of the devices of the synthesis unit – employees of the Research Institute of Carbamide from the city of Dzerzhinsk were involved. Specialists will examine the welds and joints of the devices using the method of color flaw detection: they are treated with special solutions that show the smallest cracks in the metal. The updated information about the technical condition of the devices will reduce the risks during operation.

Another important step in preparing the unit for the summer season, which will ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, is the replacement of the reduction-cooling unit. Its new version will allow the company to maintain the most accurate parameters, and, therefore, improve production performance. As part of the technical re-equipment, one of the four main conveyor belts, which receive the formed carbamide granules, and the broach of two new smaller ones will also be replaced.

Among the most significant works are the washing of heat exchange equipment and the cleaning of filters in production. Once deposits and dust have been removed, the risk of air pollutants being blown away is reduced to a minimum.

While the repair is underway, an industrial safety review is planned. The specialists will have to revise and service about 50 types of dynamic equipment at 40 positions.

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