China increased the supply of pesticides to Russia in 2023

Since the beginning of 2023, 271 batches of Chinese fertilizers and pesticides from China and Japan have been transported across the Russian border in Primorsky region. In May, the import of 63 consignments of such cargoes was reported.

The total weight of 268 batches of pesticides was 9.136 thousand tons. Three batches of fertilizers were 24 tons.

If we compare current figures with last year, the import of pesticides increased by 89 lots (3.803 thousand tons), while the import of fertilizers fell by 3 lots (701.7 tons).

Most of the pesticides imported through the Primorsky region come from China, while all the fertilizers came from China. 17 batches of pesticides were imported from Japan. The purchased pesticides will be sent to the agricultural enterprises of various regions of Russia.

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