Uralchem is going to send another 90 thousand tons of fertilizers to Africa

During the 26th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Uralchem CEO Dmitry Konyaev reported that the company intends to ship 80-90 thousand tons of humanitarian fertilizers to African countries in the near future. For this shipment, Uralchem will use products blocked in European ports.

Dmitry Konyaev said that the first batch was shipped from the Russian Baltic. After that there were shipments from Belgium and the Netherlands. Today, fertilizers are shipped from Latvia. 78 thousand tons have already been shipped. In the near future, the company is preparing to ship another 90 thousand tons of humanitarian fertilizers.

The distribution of fertilizers to specific countries is handled by the African Union. The cargo is delivered at the expense of Uralchem. Malawi and Kenya have already received humanitarian aid.

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