Uralchem is ready to continue helping Africa

Uralchem ​​plans to increase the volume of pro bono help to African countries up to 300 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, said Dmitry Konyaev, General Director of Uralchem.

“Of course, we won’t limit our supplies to a one-time batch to Burkina Faso and plan to increase the volume of such humanitarian aid to the African continent to about 300 thousand tons, if we succeed to deliver through the World Food Program, and the UN will be able to come to an agreement with the governments of European countries,” Dmitry Konyaev noted.

Earlier, Uralchem ​​sent a humanitarian batch of mineral fertilizers to Burkina Faso.

In general, Uralchem ​​is ready to supply 20 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers from the ports of the European Union to Malawi. The company can also ship another 240 thousand tons of its products, which are blocked in the ports of the European Union, as humanitarian aid to African countries. Now, with the participation of the UN, the lifting of restrictions from them is being discussed.

Source: TASS

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