Russia may increase supplies of fertilizers and energy resources to ASEAN countries

During the 26th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Vladimir Ilyichev said that Russia has the opportunity to increase the supply of fertilizers, energy resources and metals to the ASEAN countries (Association of South East Asian Nations). The ASEAN includes such countries as Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and Cambodia.

Vladimir Ilyichev noted that the governments of the countries of the region are actively attracting foreign investment. A large population makes the issues of stable energy supplies and food security relevant. Russia has the necessary competencies to integrate into these processes in the region. The Deputy Minister added that Russia has opportunities to increase exports of fertilizers, metals, energy resources and halal food products to ASEAN countries.

As an import from Southeast Asia, Russia is interested in the supply of clothing, electronics and tropical farming products.

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