PhosAgro-Region started the sales of water-soluble ammophos in Russia

PhosAgro-Region, the largest Russian distribution network of mineral fertilizers (part of PhosAgro Group), has started deliveries of water-soluble monoammonium phosphate Apaliqua NP 12:61 to domestic consumers. Tambov-based Malcom-Agro became the first consumer of PhosAgro’s new product in Russia.

“We intend to implement new technologies to achieve yield growth and economic efficiency. We select equipment and optimize the mineral nutrition system. Malcom-Agro is switching to differentiated application of fertilizers, this technology makes it possible to equalize the quality of the land and reduce the cost of mineral fertilizers due to their point application. The new water soluble grade has a high content of phosphorus and its favorable cost. It’s also possible to prepare mixtures exactly for our tasks and fields – with a precisely calculated composition, balanced proportions, consistent dosages of all nutrients,” said CEO of Malcom-Agro Andrey Kuznetsov. “This year we plan to evaluate its impact on the yield of corn and sunflower, and next year we will start using it on grain crops. I think that due to a properly built technology, it is possible to achieve a yield of grain of up to 8 thousand kg per 1 hectare in our conditions, and we will gradually come to this.”

“Foliar dressings based on water-soluble fertilizers are in high demand in the fields of Russia. First of all, farmers are attracted by the opportunity to quickly manage the yield per hectare, adjusting the mineral nutrition almost in real time. However, until recently, the widespread use of this technology has been held back, mainly due to the remoteness of consumers from the main production facilities,” emphasizes PhosAgro-Region CEO Andrey Vovk. “After the appearance of the new PhosAgro brand in the distribution centers of all 11 centers of PhosAgro-Region companies, the technology of foliar nitrogen-phosphorus top dressing with water-soluble fertilizers will become available to farmers in more than 70 regions of Russia at once: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. In addition to the extensive capabilities of PhosAgro-Region’s developed logistics network, we, as before, provide farmers with consulting on mineral nutrition systems to increase the profitability of the agricultural business.”

Water-soluble monoammonium phosphate AF Apaliqua NP 12:61 is a nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer for year-round use. With almost 100% water solubility and low turbidity, it’s most effective for drip irrigation. At the same time, it can be used both on open and protected soils: for foliar top dressing or as an element of complex plant nutrition systems based on liquid mineral fertilizers. The production of the new brand began in January 2023 at the Volkhov branch of Apatit (part of PhosAgro Group).

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