Grupa Azoty successfully passes Fertilizers Europe audit for fertiliser products

Grupa Azoty has emerged successful in the recent Product Stewardship Programme audit conducted by Fertilizers Europe. The audit, organized by the premier European fertilizer producers’ organization, reaffirmed that Grupa Azoty’s fertilizer products meet the highest industry standards. DNV auditors diligently assessed multiple parameters spanning product design, technological processes, distribution, and adherence to declared fertilizer characteristics.

Fertilizers Europe’s Product Stewardship Programme, a cornerstone of the fertilizer industry’s pledge to uphold global benchmarks in production, demands recertification audits every three years for its members. For Grupa Azoty, the latest achievement cements its position as a stalwart supporter of sustainable agriculture while adhering to rigorous safety measures and advanced production techniques in line with European regulations.

Filip Grzegorczyk, Vice President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. and Vice President of Fertilizers Europe, expressed his pride in the group’s accomplishments, emphasizing their dedication to broadening the fertilizer product portfolio while staying attuned to climate policy regulations. Grupa Azoty strives to introduce products that cater to the needs of sustainable agriculture, empowering farmers to achieve their production objectives. The certification serves as a testament to the group’s unwavering commitment to meeting the stringent standards of the fertilizer industry.

Dr. Antoine Hoxha, Director General of Fertilizers Europe, commended Grupa Azoty for its exceptional performance during the external audit. He lauded the company’s steadfast dedication to maintaining the highest standards throughout every phase of the production process, spanning product development, raw material sourcing, fertilizer manufacturing, distribution, storage, marketing, and sales. With the successful completion of the audit, Grupa Azoty Group not only secures its position as a leading player in the industry but also solidifies its reputation as a company that takes its responsibilities seriously. As farmers and consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability and safety, Grupa Azoty’s products stand out as a reliable choice in the competitive fertilizer market.

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