PhosAgro will cooperate with the government of Ryazan region

PhosAgro-Region, the largest Russian distribution network of mineral fertilizers (PhosAgro Group), and the government of the Ryazan region signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of logistics infrastructure in the region. The document was signed by Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov and PhosAgro-Region General Director Andrey Vovk.

As part of the agreement, PhosAgro-Region plans to launch its own distribution center in the Ryazan region, which will ensure the accumulation, storage, and delivery of a wide range of granular and liquid mineral fertilizers to farmers. PhosAgro-Region’s investments in the construction of the complex may reach 180 million rubles (almost $2 million).

The Korablinsky district is considered the location of the center. Designed for a one-time storage of about 20 thousand tons of products, the new logistics complex will be able to meet the needs of agricultural enterprises in the south of the Ryazan region in mineral fertilizers. After the launch of the center, farmers will have access to the entire range of PhosAgro mineral fertilizers – more than 50 brands – directly from the company’s warehouses in the region. Also, the region’s farms will be able to use all the new services of PhosAgro-Region, such as agrochemical soil survey, development of mineral nutrition systems about the conditions of the region, district, and specific field, as well as satellite monitoring of the effectiveness of their application.

“A key element of modern crop production is effective mineral fertilizers and nutrition systems based on them. For their application to be truly effective, a combination of several factors is necessary: flexible and reliable logistics, optimal timing of application, agronomic support, and training. A new, modern PhosAgro-Region distribution center will soon appear in the region, which will provide all these services in a one-stop shop. At the same time, we plan that the launch of the new complex will not only allow us to create new jobs but also to participate more actively in the socio-economic sphere of the region. We are grateful to Pavel Malkov for understanding and supporting our plans, we are sure that the farmers of the region will see the effect of our cooperation very soon,” said Andrey Vovk.

The Governor emphasized the importance of the project and expressed readiness to provide comprehensive support in its implementation from the region. “The new investment project is in demand for the further development of agriculture in the region. The Ryazan agro-industrial complex is traditionally strong and actively developing. Our farmers achieve high results, only in the last year, the production volumes have increased by 16%. Putting unused land into circulation remains one of the priorities, so the need for mineral fertilizers will only grow. With the launch of the logistics center, farmers will receive them promptly,” said Pavel Malkov.

As a reminder, PhosAgro-Region unites 11 regional companies that provide agricultural producers in Russia and neighboring countries with high-performance PhosAgro mineral fertilizers and related agronomic services, as well as agrochemical products from other Russian manufacturers.

Today, PhosAgro-Region has the widest distribution network of mineral fertilizers in terms of regional coverage and several points of presence, which is used by farmers from remote and hard-to-reach regions of Russia. The network includes 22 regional offices and 33 distribution centers with a total storage capacity of more than 800 thousand tons.

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