Russian scientists proposed new approach to smart farming

Scientists from the North Caucasian Federal University have developed a system for remote soil analysis. According to them, this development will be a key sensor for smart farming systems. The press service of the North Caucasus Federal University reported that a patent for this system has already been received.

According to scientists, not satellites but unmanned aerial vehicles will be used for remote sensing of the earth’s surface. This will increase the speed of data collection and processing, as well as achieve greater detail.

The soil cover of agricultural lands refers to flat-layered dielectrics. Knowing the indicators of specific conductivity and dielectric constant, it’s possible to determine the salinity and moisture content of the soil, as well as other physicochemical parameters.

University researchers have managed to develop a new method for remote measurement of the permittivity of various parts of the earth’s surface. It surpasses analogs in efficiency, accuracy, and efficiency.

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