EuroChem is creating a large chemical complex in Kazakhstan

The press service of the government of Kazakhstan reported that EuroChem has launched construction of a chemical complex in the Zhambyl region, which will produce mineral fertilizers.

The production capacity will be at least 1 million tons of fertilizers per year. It’s expected that the implementation of the second stage will attract more than $1 billion of foreign direct investment, as well as create about 1.2 thousand new jobs.

The construction of a chemical complex in Kazakhstan is carried out as part of the second stage of a large-scale investment project by EuroChem. Prior to this, the Russian company, on the basis of the mining complex, built a fine grinding and medium crushing unit with a capacity of 640 thousand tons per year and adjusted the production of phosphorites to 660 thousand tons per year. At the first stage, the investment amounted to $126 million.

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