Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture Proposes Debt Structuring Program to Mitigate Drought Impact

In a bid to alleviate the impact of recurrent droughts in Rio Grande do Sul over the past four years, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Carlos Fávaro, has unveiled plans for a debt structuring program for agricultural producers. The initiative aims to provide relief to those hit hard by the adverse climatic conditions that have hampered agricultural activities. Fávaro shared insights on this proposed program during a press conference held at the Expointer event on Thursday.

Fávaro expressed the federal government’s commitment to extend financial support to agricultural workers whose crops have been negatively affected by drought. “We are working on a specific program for cooperatives, aimed at assisting them in maintaining their operations and returning to a normal state of production,” remarked Fávaro. He further revealed ongoing discussions with Banco do Brasil and the Ministry of Finance to assess the feasibility of this program.

Furthermore, Fávaro stressed the importance of a comprehensive approach, encompassing investments in soil quality to mitigate potential losses in the event of future dry spells. He emphasized, “In conjunction with the debt structuring program, we intend to collaborate with agricultural organizations such as Farsul and cooperatives to formulate strategies for producers to enhance their soil quality. This includes investments in limestone, fertilizers, and vegetation cover to optimize soybean cultivation and minimize the impacts of future droughts.”

Transitioning to the realm of agricultural research, Fávaro outlined plans to allocate substantial funds to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). He said, that Brazil is “actively working towards securing R$ 500 million for research to enhance agricultural infrastructure.”

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