Acron Increased Its Social Payments Program By 50% in 2022

In 2022, Acron Group allocated approximately 900 million roubles (US$9.5 million) for the development, motivation and social support of employees, which is almost 50% more than a year earlier.

Acron as a responsible employer pays special attention to social support for employees, which is one of the company’s main activities in the field of sustainable development. It includes expenses for health protection, medical care, employee insurance, personnel training and development, popularization of sports and a healthy lifestyle, attracting and retaining highly qualified personnel, cooperation with educational institutions, and implementation of targeted social programs.

The Group’s enterprises have collective agreements that provide an expanded package of social benefits and guarantees and are aimed at improving the lives of employees and their families.

Acron provides employees and their children with the opportunity for treatment and recreation on preferential terms in a sanatorium, and visits to recreation centers with partial payment of the cost of their stay. 95 million roubles (over $1 million) were allocated for these services. Costs for voluntary health insurance in 2022 amounted to 118 million roubles (about $1.25 million).

In addition, employees are compensated for moving expenses, rented housing, and are provided with office housing. Therapeutic and preventive nutrition is also provided – 82 million rubles (almost $865 thousand) have been allocated for these purposes.

Sporting events held by the company, including those at its own sports and recreation centers, are very popular among employees. Over 3 thousand people take part in them every year.

The company builds a training system for its employees in accordance with the needs and specifics of the activities of the Group’s enterprises. The training system is aimed at improving the skills of existing specialists (in 2022, more than 3 thousand employees completed advanced training courses and over 800 employees underwent professional retraining). The company’s programs are also focused on schoolchildren, technical school students, and students. The total cost of training and development of personnel amounted to about 40 million roubles (approximately $422 thousand).

Recall that Acron Group enterprises employ about 12 thousand people. The personnel structure has remained stable over the past years and meets the needs of the Group. Low voluntary staff turnover – 4.8% – is ensured by comfortable working conditions, an attractive benefits package and employee involvement in social activities. The level of average monthly wages at the Group’s production enterprises is higher than that of the chemical industry in Russia and higher than the average wage in the cities of companies presence. In 2022, employee salaries were increased by 11%. It should be noted that in the reporting year, Acron was awarded the status of “Attractive Employer” according to the Superjob portal.

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