Russia May Launch A Low-tonnage Chemistry Project

“In Russia there are no particular problems with the production of mass types of chemical products, however, quite a lot of low-tonnage substances are produced in insufficient volumes, thereby not meeting the needs of the local industry. This situation can be radically changed through the use of reverse engineering,” said Denis Bolushevsky, Managing Director of the Agency for Technological Development, at the panel discussion “”Import substitution of critical chemical products”, held at the X International Forum of Technological Development Technoprom-2023″ in Novosibirsk.

Denis Bolushevsky spoke in detail about the features of the grant program to support reverse engineering, spare parts, raw materials and materials used, including in the chemical industry. The program has been implemented for more than a year, and 110 projects worth 4 billion roubles (almost $41.5 million) have been supported within its framework.

“Of these projects, 9 are being implemented for the needs of Russian chemical enterprises, and their number will undoubtedly increase in the future,” noted Denis Bolushevsky. “I am confident that reverse engineering can be in great demand in the small-scale chemistry mega-project we are discussing.”

“Low-tonnage chemistry includes compounds with a production volume of less than 10 thousand tons per year, in particular, a number of plant protection products,” said Alexei Rezvanov, Chief Editor of Fertilizer Daily.

Accordingly, the implementation of a large-scale project for the development of small-scale chemistry (which was the subject of discussion at Technoprom-2023) can contribute to the growth in the production of plant protection products that are in demand in Russian agriculture.”

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