Sweden showcases its Agtech startups at Agritechnica 2023

Sweden’s notable presence in the field of agricultural technology (Agtech) was prominently displayed during the inauguration of the Swedish Pavilion at Agritechnica. The event highlighted Sweden as a key innovator, showcasing a plethora of intelligent Agtech solutions. Karolina Muhrman and Per Frankelius from Linköping University’s Agtech 2030 initiative celebrated the successful opening of the pavilion.

Frankelius and Muhrman stressed the proficiency of Swedish companies in agricultural technology and innovation. They mentioned various concepts and products displayed in the pavilion, as well as established companies like Väderstad, Tornum, and Metsjö. Frankelius noted, “We talk about the small, small country of Sweden, which is really big in Agtech.”

The Swedish Pavilion featured a diverse array of companies, including:

  • A-Electronix: Working in spray sensor technology and ISOBUS development in collaboration with Tolefors Gård, Lovang Lantbrukskonsult, Linköping University, and Kårstad Gård.
  • AgroÖst: Developed Fieldgofer, a patented robotic system for tasks like grain collection or fertilizer spreading, as part of an innovation project with Abbotnäs Säteri, Stora Lövhulta gård, and Linköping University. They also worked on the Nonstop Battery Concept, nominated for Agrifutures Concept 2023.
  • BoMill: Launched BoMill InSight, a unique grain sorting equipment that can sort individual grains based on internal properties like protein content.
  • Elmia: Sweden’s leading agricultural fair and business arena, designed the Swedish Pavilion in collaboration with Business Sweden and Agtech 2030.
  • Handelsbanken: Provides financing, advisory, and smart banking solutions for agricultural businesses and is a main sponsor of the pavilion.
  • Hasta Gård: An innovation site with projects like Leandry, a unique grain drying method without heat, in collaboration with Lund University, Linköping University, and Hasta Agtech.
  • Hushållningssällskapet: Developed an AI-driven soil analysis with Lund University, Linköping University, T-maps, and Hushållningssällskapet Östergötland.
  • Jordbruksverket: Promotes their innovation support within European Innovation Partnerships (EIP).
  • NitroCapt: Showcased SUNIFIX, a climate-neutral and cost-effective technology for sustainable nitrogen fertilizer production.
  • Novel Agro: Presented a system to prevent soil compaction, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and won the Agritechnica Innovation Award 2022.

Source: Jordbruksaktuellt

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