Cinis Fertilizer Announces Plans for U.S. Production Facility

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Sweden-based producer of environmentally friendly mineral fertilizers Cinis Fertilizer AB has finalized agreements that set the stage for the company’s expansion into the United States. The agreements, made with American manufacturer Ascend Elements, Inc. and Europe’s largest salt producer, K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH, pave the way for a new production facility in the state of Kentucky.

The new plant will be Cinis Fertilizer’s third facility and forms an integral part of the company’s growth strategy, which aims to achieve a production of 1.5 million tons of potassium sulphate across six plants by the end of 2030. The investment in the U.S. facility is estimated to be around SEK 1 billion (US$90.32 million).

Strategic Partnerships

The Swedish firm has inked a ten-year agreement with Ascend Elements for the supply of up to 240,000 tons of sodium sulphate annually, commencing in 2026. This agreement comes as Ascend Elements is in the process of building its largest manufacturing facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

In addition, Cinis Fertilizer has secured a letter of intent with K+S concerning the sale of its finished product, potassium sulphate, and the purchase of potassium chloride from K+S’s Canadian operations in Saskatchewan. The Kentucky plant is slated to commence production in 2026, targeting an output of up to 300,000 tons of potassium sulphate annually for the North American market.

Environmental Credentials

Cinis Fertilizer’s business model focuses on the production of sustainable mineral fertilizers, using approximately half the energy of current methods. This results in a near-zero carbon footprint, thus contributing to more sustainable agricultural practices.

“The agreements with Ascend Elements and K+S provide the confidence needed to establish our American presence,” stated Jakob Liedberg, CEO of Cinis Fertilizer. “The growing industrial landscape in the U.S., in conjunction with the Inflation Reduction Act, further supports our decision for North American expansion.”

Logistics and Financing

The new facility will be located in close proximity to Ascend Elements’ operations, promising cost-efficient logistics. Cinis Fertilizer has also finalized an agreement with the city of Hopkinsville for the purchase of land and is in talks with regional power suppliers for the provision of fossil-free electricity.

Financing for the U.S. plant is anticipated through internal cash flows and loans, with an additional investigation into state and federal investment grants underway.

The announcements come as Cinis Fertilizer is in the process of building its first facility in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, with operations expected to begin in early 2024. Design plans for a second Swedish facility, in Skellefteå, are also ongoing.

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