Fertiglobe hits ‘important milestone’ with renewable ammonia shipment

OCI Global said on Monday that Fertiglobe, its strategic venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, has completed its inaugural shipment of the world’s first internationally recognized renewable ammonia with ISCC PLUS sustainability certification.

OCI said the ammonia was produced at Fertiglobe’s facilities in Egypt using green hydrogen from the Egypt Green Hydrogen electrolyzer. It added that the compound will be used to manufacture environmentally friendly synthetic soda ash, which will be supplied to Hindustan Unilever for use in laundry powder.

OCI stated that the world-first shipment, which was sent to India’s Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited, underscores Fertiglobe’s commitment to sustainability and decarbonization.

The company’s CEO, Ahmed El-Hoshy, commented: ‘This shipment is an important milestone for Fertiglobe, a breakthrough in producing and supplying renewable ammonia to the world, and for the ongoing execution of our hydrogen roadmap. As a pioneer in renewable ammonia, we see immense potential in its ability to decarbonize industries.’

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