Topsoe to work with Standard Gas on UK-based renewable gas and methanol project

cows are grassing in front of Haldor Topsoe factory for catalysts at the Roskilde firth in Frederikssund, Denmark, June 28, 2022

Denmark’s Topsoe announced on Thursday that it intends to collaborate with London-based Standard Gas Technologies on a project in the UK that will produce renewable natural gas and methanol from residual waste feedstocks.

Topsoe, which specializes in decarbonization solutions, said in a press release that, under the terms of the companies’ newly signed MoU, it will supply technologies, engineering, equipment, and catalysts that will facilitate the processing of Standard Gas’s synthesis gas into products such as methane and methanol.

It added that the process of renewable natural gas production will also produce biochar, a substance that effectively sequesters carbon. Biochar has various applications in the agricultural, construction, and environmental sectors.

Topsoe also noted that Standard Gas will develop and obtain all of the appropriate approvals, licenses, funding, and offtake agreements needed to implement the project, which will either be owned and operated by Standard Gas or licensed to a third-party owner.

Topsoe’s SVP of clean fuels and chemicals, Peter Vang Christensen, commented that ‘We are thrilled to be working with Standard Gas to address waste management, which continues to be a significant challenge to society. Standard Gas’s visionary approach to waste management aligns with our own aspirations to be a global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies.’

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