FuelPositive Corporation launches the first on-farm green ammonia system

FuelPositive Corporation, a Canadian technology firm, has announced the delivery date for its pioneering on-farm, containerized Green Ammonia system, named the FP300. This would be the world’s first modular, on-demand Green Ammonia fertilizer and fuel plant, set to be operational at Hiebert’s farm in Manitoba, Canada, by March 31, 2024. The FP300 stands as the first farmer-owned Green Ammonia plant globally. The system promises to address key challenges in agriculture, particularly in ammonia supply and cost, while significantly reducing atmospheric CO2e emissions—up to four tonnes for each tonne of Green Ammonia produced.

In preparation for the production of subsequent units, FuelPositive has recently secured a 12,000 square foot manufacturing site in Waterloo, Ontario. The company plans to manufacture and deliver 30 additional systems during 2024 and 2025. Nelson Leite, COO and Board Member of FuelPositive, expressed his enthusiasm about the final stages of the pre-shipment preparation, highlighting the system’s full-rate operation and the team’s anticipation for its on-farm production of Green Ammonia.

Ian Clifford, CEO and Board Chair, emphasized the FP300’s potential impact on global food security, describing the development as a dream come true and a potential game-changer.

FuelPositive Corporation focuses on creating sustainable clean technology solutions with a circular approach, ensuring environmentally friendly product lifecycles. Their on-farm/onsite containerized Green Ammonia production system eliminates carbon emissions in the production process, addressing challenges in agriculture and climate change with practical, implementable technology. The system is designed for multiple applications, including farming fertilizer, fuel for grain drying, internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and grid storage solutions. The introduction of the FP300 represents a significant step towards realizing a hydrogen economy and offers a sustainable alternative to traditional grey ammonia, predominantly used in farming.

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