Vietnamese farmers use innovation in durian farming

King of Fruits, Durian is a popular tropical fruit in asian countries.

In the picturesque village of Loc An commune, Bao Lam district, nestled within the lush landscapes of Lam Dong province, a family’s 2.8-hectare durian orchard has emerged as a testament to agricultural innovation. Nguyen Thanh Ha and Truong Thi Thu Trang, the visionary farmers behind this endeavor, have recently completed a successful durian harvest that has garnered attention not only for the quantity of specialty fruit produced but also for their impressive implementation of cutting-edge technology.

The journey of Nguyen Thanh Ha and Truong Thi Thu Trang into the world of durian cultivation began in 2015, initially intercropping durian alongside coffee and other fruit trees on their hilly land. It wasn’t until 2017 that they recognized the potential of their durian trees, which were thriving and laden with fruit. Consequently, they decided to dedicate the entire 2.8 hectares to the cultivation of this beloved tropical fruit.

Their durian garden, comprising 700 trees, with 500 currently bearing fruit, distinguishes itself by being situated on gently sloping terrain. This distinctive feature allows for innovative farming practices and systematic cultivation techniques. In their pursuit of excellence, the family enlisted the support and advice of agricultural experts, resulting in the installation of advanced systems for fertilizer irrigation and pest control.

Notably, the farmers employ a high irrigation system that envelops the plants from top to bottom, creating a favorable microenvironment while minimizing the risk of pest infestations. Pesticides are meticulously administered through tubes installed along the tree trunks, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the canopy layers. This thoughtful approach significantly reduces the labor required for maintenance.

The region’s abundant rainfall, while beneficial for plant growth, poses challenges during the rainy season, potentially leading to flooding and weakened root systems. To counteract this, Nguyen Thanh Ha and Truong Thi Thu Trang have implemented an ingenious solution by digging trenches between the beds to facilitate rapid water drainage.

Furthermore, the farmers employ canopy reduction and bud pressing techniques at the age of three to maintain shorter, horizontally branched trees. This not only aids in harvesting and care but also mitigates the risk of tree falls.

In their quest for fertile soil, the family manufactures organic fertilizer on-site, using cow manure and Trichoderma yeast to produce a nutrient-rich organic blend. This cost-effective approach has endowed their durian orchard with fertile soil teeming with beneficial microorganisms.

Today, the family’s durian garden is in the process of acquiring a planting area code, thanks to the guidance and support of Long Thuy Co., Ltd. This step positions their durian fruit to participate in the export chain, ensuring consistent pricing and higher income potential. Truong Thi Thu Trang, speaking on behalf of the family, expressed their commitment to upholding the highest standards to comply with export regulations.

Source: Dan Viet

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