Agropolychim invests over €15mn in ammonia freight railway cars

Freight (cargo) train - black cars (wagons). Details.New 6-axled flat wagon

Bulgaria’s Agropolychim, one of Southeastern Europe’s leading producers of nitrogenous and phosphate fertilizers, has invested over €15mn in 100 railway freight cars for ammonia, the company’s owner, Philippe Rombaut, announced on Thursday.

He said in a social media post that each of the railway cars, which are being ordered from the Polish firm Wagony Swidnica, has a capacity of 106 cubic metres, or 55 tonnes, of ammonia.

Rombaut added that Agropolychim has also bought a Unimog U432 truck from Mercedes Benz for shunting railway cars and road maneuvering, saying that the company is doubling its railway loading facilities for ammonia from 1000 to 2000 tonnes per day.

He said that after the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism comes into force in 2026, Agropolychim expects regional demand for blue and green ammonia to increase – and is preparing accordingly.

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