Producers complain that Argentina’s market is hindered by bureaucracy

The agroinputs sector in Argentina is currently facing significant challenges due to bureaucratic hurdles, affecting the pace of product registration in stark contrast to neighboring Brazil. Pablo Lafuente, the global director of Spraytec, highlighted this issue by drawing a comparison between the two countries’ registration processes.

Lafuente, speaking to Radio Miter last weekend, emphasized the struggle that companies face in Argentina due to outdated bureaucratic systems. He pointed out that while Spraytec has successfully registered 60 products in Brazil, they have managed to get only 6 approved in Argentina. He described the Argentine system as anachronistic and not aligned with modern practices.

This situation, according to Lafuente, is not due to any malevolent intent but rather a systemic issue. He noted that despite changes in government, the bureaucratic process has remained largely unchanged, likening it to a 19th-century system that is ineffective in today’s context.

In countries like Brazil, the United States, and Australia, which are Argentina’s competitors in production, the process of registering a fertilizer is significantly more streamlined. Lafuente pointed out that in these countries, one can expect to receive a permit within 20 minutes after submitting the necessary data and laboratory analysis online. In contrast, the same process can take up to two to three years in Argentina.

The bottleneck created by the stringent requirements of Senasa, Argentina’s national agricultural health and quality service, has been a source of frustration for those in the sector. Lafuente lamented that the real-time demands of the economy and markets are moving in a direction opposite to the sluggish pace of bureaucratic processes.

This situation calls for a debate on the necessity of modernizing regulatory processes in Argentina, especially considering Brazil’s more efficient system as a benchmark. The need for “getting on the lot” more often and addressing these bureaucratic challenges is increasingly becoming a topic of discussion in the agroinputs industry.

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