Stamicarbon wins contracts for urea melt plant in China

Stamicarbon, the nitrogen technology licensor of the MAIRE engineering group, announced in a press release on Thursday that the Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Company has awarded it licensing and equipment supply contracts for a urea melt plant in China.

It said that the facility, which is located in Zhangjiagang City in Jiangsu province, will have a capacity of 1860 tonnes per day and use Stamicarbon’s ultra-low energy design with a highly efficient pool reactor concept. The plant will replace an outdated facility of similar capacity and will make use of the existing prilling unit.

Stamicarbon said it will provide the license, proprietary equipment, including high-pressure equipment made of super duplex stainless steel, and associated professional services.

According to Stamicarbon, the main advantage of its ultra-low energy design is that the high-pressure steam is used not twice but three times, making the process more energy efficient than conventional CO2 stripping. This heat recovery scheme results in a 35% reduction in steam consumption and a 16% decrease in cooling water use.

Stamicarbon said that with two plants currently in operation, its ultra-low energy technology has been generating unparalleled energy savings in the market.

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