Stamicarbon and Shandong Lianmeng Chemical ink deal for energy-efficient urea plant in China

Stamicarbon, a MAIRE Group subsidiary and nitrogen technology licensor, has entered into licensing and equipment supply contracts with Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Company for a new grassroots urea melt and prilling plant. Located in Shouguang city, Shandong province, China, the plant is designed to have a daily production capacity of 2,334 metric tons and will feature Stamicarbon’s energy-efficient Ultra-Low Energy design.

Stamicarbon’s contract includes licenses, proprietary equipment made of super duplex stainless steel, and associated services. This deal marks the eighth urea plant globally to employ the company’s Ultra-Low Energy design, which uses an advanced pool reactor concept.

The Ultra-Low Energy design allows high-pressure steam to be recycled three times, as opposed to the conventional two times in traditional CO2 stripping processes. The design achieves a 35% reduction in steam consumption and a 16% decrease in cooling water use. This efficiency has been verified with two operational plants, positioning it as a market leader in energy savings.

Pejman Djavdan, CEO of Stamicarbon, stated that the project aims to meet China’s increasing demand for urea while setting new benchmarks in energy efficiency and sustainability. “With this project, we are further expanding our footprint in China, aiming to address the region’s growing demand for urea,” said Djavdan.

Wang Xinjian, General Manager of Shandong Lianmeng Group, expressed confidence in the technology’s advantages. “We are looking forward to seeing the cutting-edge technology in action and are confident in the advantages it will bring,” said Xinjian.

Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group, established in 1970, has evolved from a small fertilizer plant into a large-scale chemical enterprise group. The company is engaged in various sectors, including chemical fertilizer, biochemical, petrochemical, and fine chemical. It produces a wide range of products such as ammonia, urea, compound fertilizer, and mixed fertilizer. The group is located on the eastern coast of China, near Jiaoji railway and Jiqing speedway.

Stamicarbon, headquartered in Sittard, The Netherlands, specializes in designing and licensing fertilizer plant technologies. The company has licensed over 260 urea plants and completed more than 100 revamping and optimization projects. With 75 years of experience, Stamicarbon focuses on providing tailored solutions for sustainable fertilizer production.

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