India initiates new nano-urea production with a $24.12mn investment

Person in gloves taking pellets of ammonium nitrate from bag, closeup. Mineral fertilizer

Hindustan Urvarak and Rasayan Ltd (HURL) is set to start the construction of a state-of-the-art nano-urea plant in Sindri (Dhanbad), Jharkhand state, India, projecting an outlay of two billion Indian rupees ($24.12mn). The move comes in response to a governmental directive advocating a shift from neem-coated to sulphur-coated Urea Gold within a four-year timeframe.

S.P. Mohanty, HURL’s managing director, announced on Wednesday that plans for the Urea Gold plant are under active consideration, with the initiation expected within the next six months.

The nano-urea is touted as being more environmentally friendly, and thus helping to effect a shift away from traditional chemical fertilizers, while Urea Gold is said to simultaneously deliver nitrogen and sulphur, which are essential for crop nutrition.

Mohanty said that the introduction of these products would significantly increase farm yields. He also mentioned the ongoing study for the implementation of a 60MW solar power plant in Sindri, aiming to curtail power costs upon successful feasibility assessment.

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