KBR’s ammonia technology chosen for El Nasr’s fertilizer complex expansion in Egypt

Science concept. Methane or Ammonium molecules. 3D rendered illustration.

KBR has secured a pivotal role in the expansion of the El Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals’ (NCIC) fertilizer complex in Egypt, signifying a significant stride in the sector’s growth and sustainability efforts. The Houston-based company disclosed on April 3, 2024, that its proprietary Purifier ammonia technology would be integrated into the project by Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd., marking a notable collaboration in the global fertilizer industry.

The agreement encompasses the provision of a technology license, proprietary engineering design, and proprietary equipment by KBR for a new ammonia production facility within NCIC’s complex. This plant is designed to produce 1,200 metric tonnes of ammonia daily, leveraging KBR’s acclaimed energy-efficient and reliable Purifier technology.

Jay Ibrahim, President of KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions, expressed the company’s enthusiasm about contributing to NCIC’s expansion and its ambition to elevate its presence in the fertilizer market. “Our Purifier technology not only aligns with the growing demands for sustainable industrial practices but also offers a cost-effective route to achieve them,” Ibrahim stated. He further emphasized the technology’s lower carbon footprint, marking it as a beneficial choice for ammonia producers aiming to meet sustainability targets.

KBR’s legacy in ammonia technology spans decades, establishing the company as a global leader in the field. With over 250 ammonia plants worldwide, attributed to KBR’s licensing, engineering, or construction since 1943, this new project with NCIC reinforces the company’s innovative prowess and commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in the fertilizer industry.

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