Agrify celebrates leafy green research breakthrough with University of Georgia

Agrify Corporation (Nasdaq: AGFY), a pioneering provider of cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, is celebrating a milestone in its research partnership with the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) program. The recently published findings shed light on optimal conditions for leafy green production in vertical farms, leveraging Agrify’s cutting-edge Model R Horticulture LED lights.

The two-season study, led by Associate Professor Rhuanito Ferrarezi and his team, unveiled groundbreaking insights into the impact of airflow, fertilizer recipes, and calcium concentrations on the growth of lettuce and spinach in indoor vertical farms. The research paper, published in the scientific publication Scientia Horticulturae, highlights the significance of these factors in maximizing yields and quality.

Agrify’s Model R Horticulture LED lights, installed in UGA’s indoor research facility, played a crucial role in the study. These spectrum-adjustable lights, boasting UL, Design Lighting Consortium (DLC), and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifications, have been instrumental in enhancing cultivation yields and quality across various plant species.

David Kessler, Chief Science Officer of Agrify, expressed his delight at the company’s contribution to UGA’s CEA program, stating, “We are pleased that Agrify’s lighting research sponsorship has been able to make an impact in furthering University of Georgia’s research and development for indoor controlled environmental agriculture and help prepare the next generation of indoor horticulturalists and farmers for our ever-evolving world.”

Agrify’s commitment to supporting cutting-edge research aligns with its mission to bring data, science, and technology to the forefront of the cannabis industry. The company’s proprietary micro-environment-controlled Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) and comprehensive extraction product line empower cultivators and producers to achieve unmatched consistency, yield, and return on investment at scale.

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