HPNow introduces GOgen systems for sustainable water reuse in horticulture

The horticulture industry faces the dual challenge of optimizing water use and maintaining high crop yields. HPNow, a leader in on-site green oxidation solutions, has introduced its GOgen systems, which promise a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable approach to water reuse in greenhouse operations.

Traditional methods of disinfecting irrigation water often leave harmful residues, adversely affecting both crops and the substrate. In contrast, the GOgen systems utilize Peroxide UltraPure, an ultra-pure form of hydrogen peroxide, to eliminate waterborne pathogens without introducing toxic byproducts.

The systems work by recirculating irrigation water, a key strategy for conserving water. However, this method can harbor pathogens that threaten plant health. GOgen addresses this issue by effectively destroying these pathogens, thus safeguarding plants from diseases that can spread quickly throughout an operation.

Furthermore, GOgen enhances plant health by maintaining clean water free of algae, biofilm, and organic debris. The increase in oxygen levels promotes healthier root development and improves plants’ disease resistance. This approach not only boosts crop performance but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance due to lower organic load in the water.

Another significant benefit of the GOgen systems is operational efficiency. The on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide reduces the need to transport and store hazardous chemicals, streamlines operations, and cuts costs.

The real-world impact of GOgen is notable. For instance, Peace Tree Farm, an organic nursery in Pennsylvania, USA, reported a reduction in Pythium incidence from 20% to just 1%. Tomates Lis, a tomato greenhouse in Spain, now enjoys irrigation water free from harmful pathogens like ToBRFV. Vertical farms using GOgen have also seen increased dissolved oxygen levels and enhanced crop disease protection.

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