WACOT launches new herbicide and trains 5,000 farmers in Southwest Nigeria

An African female farmer using her laptop in the field

WACOT Agrochemical and Fertilizer Limited, part of the Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, recently unveiled its advanced herbicide, Dragon Super, aimed at transforming weed management strategies. The company also conducted training for over 5,000 farmers in Iseyin, Oyo State, Southwest Nigeria, on the effective application of this new product.

Dragon Super is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide that targets a broad spectrum of annual and perennial grasses as well as broadleaf weeds. Its development is seen as a significant step in addressing the challenges farmers face with weed control, providing them with a tool that not only enhances crop productivity by at least 25% but also offers a cost-effective solution compared to similar products on the market.

Murari Sharma, Managing Director of WACOT Agrochemical and Fertilizer Limited, highlighted the dual nature of Dragon Super as both a product and a breakthrough technology. “Dragon Super embodies the principle of ‘Half dose, Double Result,'” Sharma stated. He pointed out the urgent need for innovative solutions to improve yields in the face of global food insecurity challenges, notably in Nigeria.

The training event was well-attended, drawing an audience that included traditional leaders and thousands of local farmers eager to learn about the benefits of Dragon Super. The product promises to revolutionize farming practices with its potent formula that ensures prolonged weed control, maintaining a weed-free environment for up to 30 days post-application.

Amaka Bifom, Director of Human Resources at TGI Agribusiness, emphasized the practical benefits of the herbicide, noting that Dragon Super is tailored to maximize efficiency in farm weed management.

The launch in Iseyin marks another significant milestone in WACOT’s efforts to disseminate this innovative technology across Nigeria, following its initial introduction in Abuja in 2023 and subsequent presentations in other regions, including Adamawa State last month.

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