Regius Synfuels

  United Kingdom

Regius Synfuels is currently developing a revolutionary, integrated 10,000bpd Coal-to-Liquid-&-Urea (“CTLU”) Project in the Tete province of Mozambique.

The Project will produce 2.4million barrels of ultra-clean burning Diesel together with 400,000 tonnes of high-grade Urea (fertilizer) granules per annum, both highly sought after products in the local & regional markets. The selected products serve to increase the efficiency of the overall plant, lower the carbon footprint and enhance the economics of the Project.

The feedstock for the plant is to be secured through off-take agreements from stockpiles of stranded thermal coal from surrounding mines such as Vale, Rio Tinto, Jindal and Beacon Hill which are currently exporting hard coking metallurgical coal to China and India. The coal mined in the area is readily available to Regius Synfuels bringing a competitive edge to the company in terms of raw material supply at a low price.

The Project will be an industry leader in environmental aspects emitting >30% less CO₂ and using >50% less water than competing synfuels (coal-based) plants through its high operating efficiency & integration of carbon-sequestrating Urea production.

Key figure: Dr. Brendon Hausberger
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