PhosAgro-Region to provide Tambov farmers with agrochemicals

The company PhosAgro-Region (a part of PhosAgro) and the Administration of Tambov Region concluded an agreement on cooperation in the field of mineral fertilizers. The document was signed by Andrey Vovk, the General Director of PhosAgro-Region, and Sergey Ivanov, the Deputy Head of Tambov Region Administration.

The agreement is designed to support unlocking the export potential of crop production in Tambov Region, among other things, with the use of “green” agrotechnology and eco-friendly mineral fertilizers.

Crop production in Tambov Region is one of the fastest-growing in Russia. The strategic direction of Tambov agricultural enterprises towards the production of high-margin cultures helps the region to increase the crop yield every year. Soybean, sunflower and sugar-beet demonstrate high profitability. In terms of sugar beet yields, Tambov Region is the fifth largest in Russia, and the sixth in soybean. In 2018, sunflower yield was the highest in the entire history of Tambov Region.

These results are achieved with the help of modern technologies in plant production. Thus, in 2018, the amount of mineral fertilizers applied to fields in the region increased by 7.3%.

PhosAgro-Region has been partnering with agricultural manufacturers of Tambov Region since 2007. The Tambov network is represented by PhosAgro-Tambov, which manages two distribution centers with over 20,000-ton overall capacity. More than 90% of company’s sales go to regional enterprises of major Russian agricultural holdings and commodity producers. The total investments in the development of Tambov assets, according to the development plan of the PhosAgro-Region network for 2018-2020, will be over 100 million rubles.

‘The development of a modern agro-industrial complex is our priority. The region has the potential to occupy leading positions in biotechnology, a sector that is relatively new to our country. For several years, experts have regarded Tambov Region as the most ecologically clean region in Russia, which allows us to become one of the creators of a “green” Russian brand. This is what the President of Russia talked about,’ stressed the Deputy Head of Tambov Region Administration, Sergey Ivanov. ‘We are sure that the agreement with the PhosAgro-Region network, Russia’s largest supplier of modern and highly efficient mineral fertilizers made from eco-friendly Russian raw materials, will contribute to unlocking the potential to produce high-quality environmentally safe agricultural goods for the international and domestic markets.’

‘Tambov Region is one of priority regions for the PhosAgro-Region development program in the coming years. With the assistance of the regional administration we managed to modernize our logistics in the region within rather tight deadlines; from January through May 2019, the supplies to the region were increased by 40% compared to the last year. As part of our cooperation, joint projects for the development of agriculture in the Tambov Region and measures aimed at increasing profitability through the rational use of PhosAgro’s modern organic mineral fertilizers have already been planned, joint agricultural development projects are already planned,’ said Andrey Vovk, General Director of PosAgro-Region.

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