PhosAgro launched its third distribution center in the Tambov region

PhosAgro-Region, the largest Russian distribution network of mineral fertilizers (part of PhosAgro Group), has completed the construction of the third logistics complex in the Tambov region. Shipments of products to consumers started last week, on the eve of Tambov Field Day 2023.

“The new complex in the Tambov region was launched in record time, which was due to the relevance of optimizing the logistics of mineral fertilizers for customers in the eastern and southeastern parts of the region,” said Andrei Vovk, CEO of PhosAgro-Region. “We are confident that agricultural producers of the region will soon appreciate all the benefits of new storage facilities near the fields.”

“We welcome the company’s decision to develop business in the region. To do this, we create comfortable working conditions and offer various support measures. New projects provide jobs and taxes that allow us to fulfill our social obligations,” said Maxim Egorov, Head of the Tambov region.

The new PhosAgro-Region distribution center became the third in the Tambov region, the 16th in the Central Federal District and the 33rd in Russia. Its creation was the next step in the investment program PhosAgro-Region in the Tambov region until 2025 in the amount of 300 million rubles (over $3.3 million). The result of the program will be the ability to simultaneously accumulate in three logistics complexes up to 75-80 thousand tons of granular and liquid fertilizers, which will allow farmers in all districts of the region to purchase mineral fertilizers in advance and optimize transport costs.

In turn, the presence of sufficient reserves of mineral fertilizers near farmland for the entire period of fieldwork will allow farmers to observe the optimal agronomic terms for laying the maximum yield.

PhosAgro-Region has been cooperating with agricultural producers of the Tambov region for more than 15 years. Over the past 5 years, the company has supplied farmers of the Tambov region with more than 700 thousand tons of all types of mineral fertilizers.

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