Achema still receiving Russian gas

Coral Fungia, the gas carrier, has arrived at the seaport Klaipeda (Lithuania) delivering a consignment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Novatek.

This has been the latest in a series of consignments this year that is presumably intended for the needs of the Lithuanian nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer Achema, the largest consumer of natural gas in Lithuania.

Lithuania leases a floating regasification unit from Hoegh LNG. Lithuania commissioned construction to get rid of “energy dependence” on Gazprom. It was created with the view of being used by all three Baltic states, but Latvia and Estonia would not buy its expensive gas, preferring cheap gas from Russia. As a result, in 2018, the balance of gas procurement was again in the favor of Gazprom in Lithuania too, while the regasification unit was half idle.

Meanwhile, Lithuania has started supplying LNG to its unit from Novatek.

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