Pakarab Fertilizer to restart its idle plant

Pakistan-based Pakarab Fertilizer has received a License giving it the right to lay a gas pipeline from the Mari gas field to its mineral fertilizer plant, which has been idle since September 2017.

The license shall be valid for seven years. The length of the future gas pipeline will reach 24 km, the cost of its construction is estimated at 4 billion Pakistani rupees (about 56 million dollars).

Pakarab Fertilizer has decided to take such a step because of the significant increase in natural gas prices in the Pakistani market. That was also the reason why the company’s plant had been operating irregularly from 2011, and in the end she was stopped and made non-operational in 2017.

Pakarab Fertilizer hopes that laying the gas pipeline will allow the company to restart the plant that can produce up to 0.5 million tons of mineral fertilizers (urea, calcium-ammonium nitrate, etc.).

Source: The Nation

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