Talcher Fertilizers has found a contractor

The Indian company Talcher Fertilizers has chosen a contractor for the revival of urea production in Angul district, the state of Odisha. If the project is successful, it will become the pioneering enterprise in the country producing urea through coal gasification.

The contractor will deliver design and technology documentation for the enterprise, as well as licensing fertilizer granulation technology. Commissioning of the new ammonia and urea complex is scheduled for 2023.

The role of mineral fertilizers, especially urea, is of paramount importance to meet India’s ever-growing food needs.

The Indian government is putting great efforts in increasing the availability of domestically produced mineral fertilizers and has launched a program to restore a number of previously closed enterprises. The urea facility in Odisha, previously owned by the Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCIL) is one of them.

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