Is NPP Plateks project in trouble?

Project for the construction of a nitrogen fertilizer plant in the village of Gorny (Saratov Region) has not yet been implemented, said Andrey Arkhipov, Minister of Industry and Energy of the region. It is worth reminding that this project is declared to be implemented by NPP Plateks (Moscow).

“The intentions we’ve been hearing a lot in the last years, but I haven’t noticed significant progress so far. They were about gas processing and the fertilizer production from gas. There are big investment risks, the investor must weigh everything, and the source of financing must weigh everything, because over the past year fertilizer prices have been breaking records in the bad sense of the word. In the future, of course, the demand for fertilizers will grow, because the world’s population is growing, respectively, more products will be needed, and the global production of fertilizers is also growing. The supply and demand imbalance in the market has led to a significant drop in the prices. I think now they [NPP Planteks] will review their financial models and plans. No construction is underway there at the moment,” said Andrey Arkhipov.

According to the project, the capacity of the future enterprise should be 912.5 thousand tons of ammonia, 766.5 thousand tons of urea, 766.5 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate and 602.250 thousand tons of non-concentrated nitric acid per year.

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