Russian Railways receive governmental support

The Russian government has decided to subsidize Russian Railways (RZD) to compensate for the losses in revenue. The losses appeared due to preferential rates for the vegetables and mineral fertilizers transportation to the Far East.

Previously subsidies were to recover losses arising from preferential rates for the transportation only of grain from some regions of the Ural and Siberian federal districts.

Now RZD will also receive subsidies to compensate for losses incurred in the transportation of vegetable products. Such as fresh cabbage, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and onions. Subsidized transportations are those from stations of the Siberian and Ural Federal Districts in the direction of stations of the Far Eastern Federal District.

Besides, the government will compensate for preferential rates for rail transportation of mineral fertilizers in the direction of the Far East regions. The government will also provide compensation for the transportation of oilseeds from the Far Eastern Federal District to the Siberian and Ural Federal Districts.

Source: Prime

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