Grodno Azot returns to the regular schedule

Starting today, Grodno Azot (Belarus) gets back to the typical five-day working week instead of previously introduced four-day one.

Andrey Khanevich, Chairman of the primary trade union organization of Grodno Azot, noted that the life of the enterprise has not improved recently. Therefore, he believes that the return to a five-day working week happens because of the elections.

In his opinion, the management of Grodno Azot has decided to change the working pattern, “so that people would go to work, not to demonstrations.”

Andrey Khanevich supposes that after the election of the Belarus president ends, Grodno Azot may switch back to a four-day working week. After all, nothing has changed: the caprolactam production as was unprofitable, so still is.

He also turned attention to the salaries which have sharply decreased on Grodno Azot in recent years. Seven years ago the salary workers received was $1000, now it is below $600.

Source: Office Life

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