Helm has suspended cooperation with Grodno Azot

As follows from the statement of the strike committee of Grodno Azot (Belarus), a German supplier of mineral fertilizers Helm will suspend cooperation with the company due to Grodno Azot violated the rights of its employees.

“After we revealed the facts of violations that occur at the enterprise, Helm — the buyer of 10% of the annual production of Grodno Azot — decided to refrain from further cooperation at the moment,” the statement says.

Earlier, the strike committee together with the office of the former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya sent a letter to Helm explaining the current situation at Grodno Azot.

“One of the largest buyers of the Grodno Azot products was informed of all the facts of violations of employees’ rights in Belarus. We also noted the resumption of the US sanctions at the end of April 2021,” the strike committee says.

Source: Interfax

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