Berezniki Azot temporarily suspended due to Kama river pollution

Uralchem temporarily suspended the operation of its Azot branch in Berezniki (Perm region) due to a sharp rising of the concentration of calcium chloride in the Kama river used by Azot branch to take water for the production of mineral fertilizers.

Pollution of the Kama river, which was registered on July 7 and 8, 2020, threatens the safety of the enterprise’s equipment. Uralchem requested the investigation of the incident to establish the cause of Kama pollution to start immediately.

Azot branch uses water from the river for production purposes in full concordance with the legislation and technological regulations. On July 7, a decision was made to stop production facilities at Azot branch in Berezniki due to the excess of chloride content in the Kama river and the occurrence of the risk of failure of the main technological equipment. Due to the forced stop, the enterprise incurs significant losses.

Uralchem’s management sent requests to the local authorities to take urgent measures to stabilize the situation and prosecute perpetrators.

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