Sown areas in the Ryazan region exceeded million hectares

Ryazan region reported the 2020 sowing campaign results.

“For the first time in the 21st century, the sown area in the Ryazan region exceeded a million hectares. The cooperative work of farmers and the government of the region allowed us to cross this symbolic milestone by returning agricultural land to circulation. Many plots of arable land were abandoned in the 1990s, and today crops are ripening on them,” said Boris Shemyakin, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Ryazan region.

The structure of cultivated areas in the region this season is as follows: spring crops occupy 354.1 thousand hectares, including 26.5 thousand hectares for corn for grain. Oilseed crops and sugar beets take 161.1 and 5.5 thousand hectares respectively. Potatoes and vegetables take 4.7 thousand hectares, and a group of feed crops occupies 152.1 thousand hectares.

In 2020, the sown area in the Ryazan region amounted to more than a million hectares, which is 49 thousand hectares more than the previous year.

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