Ilagan Corn Complex Will Stimualte Corn Indutry Growth on Philippines

Philippines’ Department of Agriculture (DA), in collaboration with the Ilagan city government, has successfully inaugurated a cutting-edge processing facility for corn-based food products and livestock feed. This strategic move is planned to bolster the region’s agricultural landscape and reflects the commitment to foster growth and innovation.

The Cagayan Valley region in the Philippines has long held the title of the “Corn Capital” of the country, owing to its substantial corn production. Recognizing the potential for growth and the vital role that corn farming plays in the economy of the region, the Department of Agriculture has joined forces with the city government of Ilagan to establish a pioneering processing facility known as the Ilagan Corn (I-Corn) Complex. This facility, dedicated to the production of corn-based food products and livestock feed, aims to transform the landscape of corn farming and processing, ensuring not only self-sufficiency but also economic prosperity.

A New Chapter for Corn Farmers

The inauguration of the I-Corn Complex was marked by a groundbreaking ceremony attended by distinguished figures, including Senator Mark Villar. During the event, Senator Villar emphasized the far-reaching benefits of the I-Corn Complex. He articulated that the facility would not only contribute to the advancement of corn farmers in Isabela province but also extend its impact to neighboring provinces across the Philippines. More significantly, this initiative is expected to maintain Cagayan Valley’s position as the foremost producer of corn, securing its position as the “Corn Capital” of the country.

Senator Villar underscored the symbolic significance of the I-Corn Complex, describing it as a representation of progress, unity, and the collective efforts of the Department of Agriculture and the City Government. He also lauded Ilagan’s dedication to investing in the development of corn farmers, showcasing their unwavering commitment to the growth of the agricultural sector.

Revolutionizing Corn Processing

One of the standout features of the I-Corn Complex is its status as the Philippines’ first facility to combine processing and post-harvest functions under one roof. OIC-Regional Executive Director Rosemary Aquino, representing the DA Region 2, highlighted the importance of this dual-purpose facility. The complex houses advanced processing and post-harvest facilities, ensuring the production of high-quality processed animal feed and other corn-based food by-products.

Aquino described the I-Corn Complex as a comprehensive agri-commercial center, a one-stop shop for corn farmers throughout the entire region. She predicted that this initiative would stimulate corn production and subsequently contribute significantly to the region’s economic growth. Aquino noted that this development addresses a long-standing challenge—previously, the region’s corn had to be exported for processing and then re-imported in the form of animal feed and food products at a higher cost.

The I-Corn Complex boasts a mechanical dryer with a daily capacity of 150 tonnes, a multi-crop drying pavement, and a truck scale. These cutting-edge facilities are poised to revolutionize the corn processing landscape and enhance the efficiency of the entire production cycle.

A Nexus of Progress and Vision

Mayor Josemarie Diaz of the City of Ilagan acknowledged the invaluable support extended by the agriculture department in making the processing facility a reality. He highlighted the symbiotic relationship between technology, sustainability, and economic development that the I-Corn Complex embodies. Mayor Diaz expressed confidence that the project’s profound impact would lead to positive transformations in the corn industry, ushering in elevated standards and setting new benchmarks for excellence.


The inauguration of the Ilagan Corn Complex signifies a remarkable leap forward in the evolution of the corn industry in Cagayan Valley. This visionary initiative, fueled by the partnership between the Department of Agriculture and the Ilagan city government, is poised to reshape the way corn is processed and utilized. As the region solidifies its status as the “Corn Capital” of the Philippines, the I-Corn Complex stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development in driving economic growth and agricultural progress.

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