Udmurtia declines area of unused land

7.602 thousand of the abandoned agricultural land have been returned to the crop rotation in Udmurtia since the beginning of 2020. This work has been conducted since 2018 as part of the roadmap introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Udmurtia.

According to the roadmap, only 5.5 thousand hectares of abandoned land were planned to return into the rotation this year. However, during the ten months period, farms of the region exceeded the target by 2.1 thousand hectares.

“We have been financing this area since 2018. Over the past three years, total support amounted to about 22.4 million rubles (approximately $297 thousand), including 21.1 million rubles (approx. $280 thousand) in 2020. We plan a slight increase in 2021 and have already requested 13.1 million rubles from the republic budget to reimburse expenditures of municipal structures and agricultural organizations,” said Olga Abramova, Deputy Prime Minister of Udmurtia.

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