5 hobbies of the chemical companies owners

New Year’s holidays are here, which means that one can spend more time on their hobbies. Shareholders and top managers of large chemical companies also have them. Fertilizer Daily analyzed business publications to find out what makes the key players of the fertilizer industry smile and joy.

1. Vyacheslav Kantor, Acron Group

Mr. Kantor has a large collection of avant-garde pieces of art. He also often speaks on the problems of antisemitism. However, we couldn’t find information on his donation to perpetuating the memory of the victims of the Holocaust in Russia.

2. Andrey Melnichenko, EuroChem

Andrey Melnichenko has a collection of Impressionist paintings. He is also fond of sailing on his “modest” yacht, which, being near Monaco in 2019, overshadowed the yachts of ordinary millionaires.

3. Roman Trotsenko, SDS Azot

The owner of SDS Azot Roman Trotsenko loves both sea and mountains. He is interested in diving and rafting, alpine skiing, and snowboarding.

4. Seyfeddin Rustamov, Metafrax

We do not know anything about Seyfeddin Rustamov’s hobbies. Official sources report that the businessman and his wife are actively involved in charitable activities, in particular, they support funds in the field of medicine, transplantology, cancer control, art, and education. In 2018, the entrepreneur’s name was added to the list of the richest businessmen in the country according to Forbes magazine for the first time.

5. Vladimir Makhlai, Togliattiazot

The main shareholder of Togliattiazot has the most exotic hobby: he is on the run together with his son Sergey. The Court gave them both lengthy prison terms last year.

And what can we say about ordinary citizens?

Employees of companies whose owners are mentioned in our small rating also have opportunities for various hobbies at the expense of their salaries. For example, Metafrax offers 18 thousand rubles per month (approximately $240) to a plumber, 26 thousand rubles (about $348) to a service technician. A metal worker at Kemerovo Azot (part of SDS Azot) may receive 35 thousand rubles ($469) and an electrician from 33 to 43 thousand rubles (about $442-576).
Usolskiy Potash Plant (part of EuroChem) is ready to pay to a service technician almost 37.8 thousand rubles (approximately $506) and a little more than 41 thousand rubles (about $550) to a foreman of the section. An operator at Nevinnomyssky Azot will get 22 thousand rubles ($295) and a locomotive driver 17 thousand rubles (about $228).

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