Pesticide application in Russia is expected to grow

The application of pesticides by the Avgust company reached a record area in the agricultural season of 2020 and amounted to about 48 million hectares, while by the end of the 2019 season it was 44 million hectares.

Consumption growth was recorded across all the groups of products of Avgust. Most significantly increased the area of application of fungicides by 26% and herbicides, as well as seed disinfectants, by 10%. The total sales of Avgust in 2020 in all regions of the company’s presence exceeded 31 billion rubles (approximately $420 million), while the result of 2019 was 27 billion rubles (about $366 million).

“We expect that the application of plant protection products in the country will continue its growth even without a significant increase in acreage,” noted Mikhail Danilov, Director of Marketing and Sales of the Avgust company. “Intensification and the use of chemical plant protection products pay off not only at premium groups of crop products in the 2020-2021 season but also at significantly more modest price indicators. The Russian pesticide market will grow, and in the mid-term plan, we should become the fifth largest in the world in terms of its volume, after Brazil, the USA, China and India. Our partners and customers remain rather optimistic even amid the introduced restrictions on the export of agricultural products. However, they show a certain confusion from the made decisions.”

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