Acron froze fertilizer prices until autumn

Acron Group announced that they have fixed mineral fertilizer prices for Russian agricultural organizations and farmers until the end of October this year.

“The mineral fertilizer market is witnessing a recovery in prices after a sharp decrease that began in 2019 and continued in 2020. Understanding the needs of Russian farmers and taking into account Acron Group’s priority in the domestic market, we have decided to support the domestic agro-industrial complex during the active phase of autumn field works and fix prices for all types of mineral fertilizers of own production at the current levels. Today, the prices for mineral fertilizers in Russia are 30-40% lower than in the world markets. Taking into account the additional costs associated with logistics, Russian farmers in the domestic market purchase mineral fertilizers at prices almost two times lower than agricultural producers in other countries,” said Alexander Popov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Acron Group.

During the preparation for the spring field works, Acron Group shipped over 930 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers to the domestic market, which is 27.2% more compared to the spring sowing campaign of 2020. In 2020, Acron Group shipped 1.4 million tons of mineral fertilizers to the domestic market.

It’s noteworthy that Acron Group announced the fixing of prices that are at their maximum levels in the Russian market. There is no intention to reduce them at all.

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