Kemerovo Azot renovates its carbamide workshop

Kemerovo Azot (part of SDS Azot) continues overhaul of the carbamide workshop, which started on July 9. The most important part of this repair is the dismantling and replacement of the first stage of distillation, which has served the plant for 39 years.

The existing condenser will be replaced with the new one, which has already been delivered to the carbamide workshop. It’s currently being prepared for installation on the synthesis stack. As the Deputy Head of the carbamide workshop, Sergey Dedelov noted, current works are the largest in the last few years and are very different from the usual repairs.

Replacement of out-of-order equipment and stabilization of the workshop operation includes not only a serious and complex process of installing a new condenser. There are also plans to repair the main synthesis reactor, compressors, dynamic equipment and other mandatory overhaul stages. Upon the completion of the repairs, the renovated carbamide workshop will return to an even more efficient operation.

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