EuroChem will provide discounts following its competitors

EuroChem announced that they will provide additional support to Russian agriculture until the end of autumn field works.

Besides its previous decision to freeze prices for the main types of mineral fertilizers until the end of October 2021, EuroChem will provide a 10% discount to farmers and vegetable growers who have suffered damage due to droughts, floods and fires this year. All farms and producers of open ground vegetables will additionally receive a 5% discount.

Thus, agricultural producers who suffered from both natural emergencies and the economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic will receive the most favorable terms.

The discounts will apply to the main types of mineral fertilizers, like ammophos, ammonium nitrate, and NPK fertilizers, that are used during the autumn sowing period.

Earlier, the decision to provide such discounts was announced by PhosAgro, one of the leaders in the Russian fertilizer production industry.

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