Russia is creating a Green Standard to mark organic production

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, sectoral unions and associations of the agro-industrial complex, agricultural universities, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural and food products, mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, and retail held a meeting on the establishment of the Green Standard Association.

The President of the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA) and PhosAgro CEO, Andrey Guryev during his opening speech recalled that on June 11, 2021, President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed federal law “On agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics”.

“After this law comes into force, a “green” niche of agricultural products, raw materials, and food is created under the national brand Green Standard. These products will be demanded higher standards during all stages of production: from the field to the plate. The separation of improved products into an individual segment will allow the Russian consumer to consciously choose “green” products, improving the quality of life. Moreover, it will help the domestic agro-industrial complex to develop its competitive advantages and strengthen its positions in the domestic and export markets,” noted Andrey Guryev.

He also added that to implement the federal law, develop the market for improved products, inform consumers about their special characteristics and promote them at all levels, it makes sense to voluntarily create Green Standard Association. It will include manufacturers of agricultural, food products, and industrial products, retail, science, and universities.

Vladislav Nesmeyanov, Head of the Scientific Research Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, emphasized that the adopted law is aimed at promoting sustainable development of agriculture, developing the internal market for agricultural products, food, industrial and other products with improved characteristics, as well as increasing the competitiveness of improved products produced in Russia.

“Based on these goals, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has set the following tasks: consumer protection, creating services for confirming the compliance of improved agricultural products, food, industrial and other products, creating conditions for the use of labeling, which is a hallmark of improved products,” said Vladislav Nesmeyanov.

Tatiana Malina, Executive Director of the AgroGard holding, noted that they consider the introduction of the Green Standard to be efficient and promising.

“Undoubtedly, Russian agriculture needs to develop its production following international trends in the field of ecology. Here we need to think several steps ahead: how exactly to change the principles of production and how to adapt technologies to these new requirements. We are quite familiar with the stated goals and principles of green standards, as they fit perfectly into our policy,” said Tatiana Malina.

She claimed the creation of the Green Standard Association is an important and necessary step: “We need a platform where we can discuss technical issues and promptly learn about current changes. Such an association will represent the interests of the entire group of participants who are interested in the development of green standards.”

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