Yara and partners established Hegra

Norwegian producer of mineral fertilizers Yara International (hereinafter Yara), Aker Clean Hydrogen and Statkraft have established a joint company Hegra, which will decarbonize the ammonia plant located on the Herøy peninsula.

It’s planned to use renewable energy sources to supply the enterprise, thereby sharply reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“Hegra is more than a new company, it is the largest climate initiative in Norway. The decarbonizing project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 800 thousand tons per year, which is the equivalent of 300 thousand gasoline-powered vehicles,” said Auke Lont, Chairman of the Board of Hegra.

Hegra brings together leading Norwegian experts in ammonia and energy. With the availability of electricity and the necessary government financial support, the project can be implemented in 5-7 years.

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